Hot Tub & Sauna Spa Notice

Using Voortrekker Private Spa Area

Dear Guest, please would you kindly read this spa notice and simply email back with a "Yes I've/we've read"

Without your consent the Spa Area will not be able to be used due to the terms and conditions of insurance and liability.


Opening times: first session begins 12h15 with the last session ending 21h00.

All sessions are an hour long however if there are less guests we don't mind you taking a bit longer.


NOTE: We aim to have the water temperature ready for use just after midday everyday. However should there be any unforeseen circumstance that prevents this we will inform you.

We ideally would like to keep the sauna sessions for the evening however we are flexible.


We ask the following please:

Hot Tub cover: replace cover once finished or not in use.

Showering before: shower with before using the facilities. Cream, makeup and lotions cause film build up in the water and walls. Cleansing helps prevent build up of bacteria and keeps the water more hygiene for everyone's use.

Showering after: chemicals are used in the hot tub so it is good to wash these off to prevent any possible skin reaction.

Jewellery: so as not cause damage to pump if lost in the water please remove all jewellery, accessories. Jewellery also heat up in the sauna and may cause harm to you skin.

Long hair: please tie any long hair up which helps us to maintain the water cleanliness.

Contact lenses: don't wear contact lenses in the hot tub because of the small chance of Acanth Amoeba contamination.

Duration: there is no recommended time duration for the hot tub. However if you overheat easily or a newbie maybe take a break after 15-20 minutes allowing your body to cool down.

Entering/exiting the hot tub: Enter and exit the tub by sitting on the edge and turning around to climb in and out. Be cautious when exiting onto the floor especially when wet as this may cause slipping. Use the towels provided.

Electrical devices: Never use electrical devices (including phones, radios, TVs or any other corded device) in or near the hot tub. If you must have one nearby, use a battery-powered device and place it on a table a safe distance from the water.

Be sure all electrical outlets are a safe distance from the hot tub as well, in keeping with local building codes.

Corded devices and outlets present a real risk of electrocution if they get wet!

Alcohol: Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs in the hot tub. The hot water will amplify and speed the effects of any alcohol or drugs. Alcohol makes you drowsy, and falling asleep in hot water can be very dangerous. In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature as well when you are asleep, which can lead to dangerous overheating.

Overly tired: avoid using the hot tub when exhausted or at least have a more alert person with you. This is for your safety.

Pregnant women: should avoid submerging their stomachs in a hot tub, as the temperature is far too hot for the foetus. Instead, soak only the feet and legs, or check with your doctor.

Sauna: The Sauna door should be kept closed whilst in use. To increase the humidity, carefully add water to hot rocks nearest to the bench ensure hands are not over the rocks as the steam will scorch.

Further instructions given by the hosts before usage.

Sauna Warnings:

Duration: It is advisable not to stay in longer than 15-20 minutes at a time both in the Hot Tub and Sauna. Take a 5 min break in between sessions especially if you are not a seasoned sauna bather.

Health conditions: If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines (sauna), or on any medication that makes you unsure of using the spa facilities, please check with your doctor before using a hot tub or sauna.

Alcohol: Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs before using the sauna. Alcohol makes you drowsy, and falling asleep in a sauna can be very dangerous. Your body cannot regulate its temperature as well when you are asleep, which can lead to dangerous overheating. Alcohol prevents a person from sweating which can lead to overheating in a sauna.

For further bedtime reading about sauna bathing please read the following


The hot tub is treated with various chemicals, as a normal swimming pool would be. Therefore if you are allergic or sensitive to chemicals such as chlorine, we recommend not using the hot tub.


We reserve the right to test the water at any time and address any safety issue concerning the water quality.

As we have responsibly highlighted the general safety concerns for using the Spa area we kindly ask that if you have any illness or condition please check if it is suitable to use these facilities.

Any direct damage caused to the spa area by anyone should be reported to the owners immediately. Depending on the extend of damage charges may be applied to the refundable damage deposit.



A coffee machine with pods and drinking cups are provided.

Thank you for reading and enjoy using these facilities!

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