Local Fishing in Shetland

Local fishing in Shetland has been a steadfast industry for thousands of years. And today is indeed an essential part of the islands economy. While there are many trawlers hunting the fishing grounds, there is always plenty left for a little local fishing. To find out more about the island's fishing history click here.

Every year Piet waits in anticipation for the arrival of Mackerel. Once they arrive he hits the water for a bit of local fishing in Levenwick. The Mackerel are very important, as it is used for bait to catch Ling-cod, my favourite fish. We stock up on our local catch over summer months to last for the winter. This short article about our local parish history makes reference to Levenwick fishing.

Once back from a day of fishing it is quite a task, gutting, filleting and vaccum packing every fish. However, it is a job, that has to be done and well worth it.

In 2020 Piet decided to put his hand to smoking both Mackerel and Ling. He converted a whiskey barrel creating the perfect smoke hub to make delicious cold smoked fish.

The photo above is Piet fishing in the waters below Levenwick Cliffs.

Last but not least, fly fishing, is extremely popular in Shetland. Many lochs dotted around the island are filled with these magnets and some locations remain a secret by local fisherman. Ronas Hills has oodles of these fish filled lochs making it a tresure trove to discover.

A compass is recommended! Find out more about fly fishing in Shetland by visiting Shetland Trout and TJLGuiding.

Intrigued to learn more about Shetland's steep history... Visit the Shetland Amenity Trust where there is a wealth of information about the history of Shetland.

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