Voortrekker Shetland

Booking Terms

Booking Terms: Your hosts are Piet and Niki Steenkamp. Voortrekker Shetland apartments catering for adults only. By placing a booking with us, Voortrekker Shetland, you, lead guest, and your booking party (guests) agree to the following terms and conditions as set-out.

During your stay you agree to abide by the subsequent conditions as set-out. If you have any questions about these terms, please ask us before making a booking. Our aim is to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one so we are approachable and on hand to help.

COVID-19: The following Coronavirus guidance and restrictions are in place at this accommodation. This in accordance with the current national and local Government guidance. You can read more about current advice and guidance for accommodation providers on the website here. You can also read the latest on Coronavirus from the Government here.

THE BOOKING PROCESS: To book the lead guest must be over the age of 18yrs. Using the online booking facility via our website, by email,, or telephone on, +44 (0) 7766 490633.

The apartments are designed to accommodate two adults. Where the person making the booking and full payment is different to the lead guest taking up the occupation, the person making the booking may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages as set-out within.

VOUCHER GUEST: A voucher guest making payment for the balance and/or the refundable damage deposit may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages as set-out within. Only the lead guest and the named booking party are allowed to use the property and its facilities. Non named persons may not visit or use the facilities.

NO EXTRA PEOPLE: Under no circumstances or for any reason are extra people allowed on the premises or to use the facilities other than the named booked persons unless for deliveries or for the purposes of dropping off. Please adhere to and respect this policy.

DEPOSIT: Once your reservation has been received we will send the booking and our payment details. To secure the booking a 25% deposit of the apartment amount, is required. Deposit payment must be “cleared funds” before a booking is confirmed. Deposits are only refundable under the conditions set out here within.

REFUNDABLE DAMAGE DEPOSIT: To facilitate booking and when requested by the owner, Voortrekker Shetland, will collect, refundable damage household deposit, of £150 and then, providing no damage and the apartment is left in the same condition as received, will be fully refunded within 48 hours of the departure date. This refundable damage deposit is to be paid in accordance with the booking process either at the time of booking or when balance due date.

BALANCE: The balance of the amount is to be paid no later than 6 weeks prior to arrival date unless otherwise agreed. For bookings less than 6 weeks full payment is required.

PAYMENT: All payments may be made via cheque (reservation will be held for 7 days) or bank transfer.

OVERSEAS PAYMENT: Overseas guests may pay by bank transfer, TransferWise or via Any bank charges are born by the payer. and PayPal accept all major Debit and Credit cards. TransferWise offer an economical way to transfer money from overseas.

Upon acceptance of the booking and payment of deposit we deem these booking terms as agreed/accepted in its entirety.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend comprehensive travel insurance to cover the cost of your accommodation and travel in the event of unforeseen circumstances that cause you to cancel your holiday.

MINIMUM NIGHTS: October to April, 2 nights; May and September 3 nights; June to August 4 nights

CHECK IN, CHECK OUT: Arrival time 3pm onwards. Departure is 10am. Times are flexible dependant on other bookings. Otherwise we kindly ask to please stick to these times.

ALTERATION OF A BOOKING: After a booking has been made and you require an alteration to the dates of your holiday please email immediately. An alteration to a booking would be considered as a cancellation. Should the alternative dates be available we will change the booking without consequence. However should the dates be unavailable and you would like to cancel please refer to cancellations.

SPA AREA (not shared and private for each couple): Voortrekker Shetland is delighted to offer our private Spa area with Hot Tub and Sauna. Towels, coffee machine with Coffee and Spa gowns (provided in apartments) are all included. The Spa area is cleaned between each usage. The booking board is at the main entrance.

PETS & ASSISTANT DOGS: Unfortunately we are unable to accept any type of dog. We have 2 tiny people friendly dogs, one with a chronic heart condition who reacts extremely negatively to other dogs. The other one dribbles with anxiety with other dogs.

As we reside on the property, we kindly request for your understanding especially those with licensed assistant dogs. Please note that we have 2 horned goats (Tom and Jerry) that reside in our field below the property. Along with them, for now, is our ram, Mickey. Although both goats and ram are very friendly they have natural instincts as wild animals and so we advise caution.

DAMAGES & LOST PROPERTY: We reserve the right to charge the lead guest for any damages caused through the course of a booking by any member of the booking party. This includes breakages, spillages, stains, damage to furniture, property, fixtures and fittings. All items provided in the apartment form part of the rental and are for on premises use only and may not be removed.

However we have provided items for e.g. such as condiments, cleaning items, shampoo, condition etc, please use but leave the empty containers behind so they can be refilled. Any items removed will be deemed as damages.

Accidental damages: any and all should be reported as soon as possible in order to minimise damage and associated costs. Lost keys will incur a replacement charge per key. If any property is left behind we will inform you via email or text. The apartment and cleaning fee do not cover the cost of any breakages, damage, items removed or soiled.          

WET & MUDDY WEAR: Please ensure that muddy footwear is removed and placed on the shoe mat/area provided. By the main entrance is an outside tap and brushes for your convenience. Please do not walk in any of the apartments with any high heel or other type of shoe that may cause damage to the floors. Please do not allow items to drip dry over our floors, just ask us and we’ll help out with this.

CLEANING & REFUSE: Please leave the apartment it in a reasonably tidy, clean condition at the end of the tenancy and we will take care of the rest. Should you need to dispose of refuse or recycling during your stay, please give it us. Otherwise we’ll sort it out when the apartment is cleaned.

Should the guest/s cause any unreasonable additional cleaning, we reserve the right to charge over and above the standard cleaning fee. We are obligated to communicate this with you beforehand.

SMOKING: There is a no smoking policy inside all apartments. We have provided a smoking pot outside the door, please use this.

BBQ: During the summer time, we provide BBQ facilities including utensils. Due to the building being made of wood we request that only briquettes are used. We are on hand to with fuel starter. Please leave the BBQ as found and take care when using the facility.

NOISE: Guests come to enjoy the peaceful environment offered so we kindly ask to respect the privacy and peace of all other staying guests, neighbours and the owners at all times. We kindly ask to be conscious about any loud noises for e.g. via music, TV etc during your stay and especially after 10pm.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking with immediate effect if guests are not honouring this agreement or causing a disturbance / nuisance to other guests, neighbours or the owners.

COLLECTING CONTACT INFORMATION: We are required to keep a register of guests over the age of 16 who stay with us, this includes full names, address/s and nationality, and/or passport numbers, place of issue, details of next destination if they are non-British, Irish or Commonwealth guests.

This is in accordance with the (Immigration Order 1972). These records are kept for a minimum of 12 months and in accordance with the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Our policy surrounding the personal details you provide as part of any booking or enquiry through this website / or third party website. We do not use any information for any marketing purposes.

CANCELLATION: Albeit we have these standard terms we are fair, reasonable and approachable when it comes to cancellations. Please talk to us straight away. All cancellations must be notified to us by email/writing as soon as possible.

Cancellations made within 48hrs of booking and any monies received will be fully refunded.

BEFORE AND AFTER 6 WEEKS: If the cancellation is 6 weeks prior to the arrival date and full payment has been made then a refund will be made excluding the non-refundable deposit. Should cancellation be within the 6 week period prior to arrival, then no refund is made.

CANCELLATION - Our obligation: will be to re-advertise the apartment aiming to fill the dates booked.  Should a booking take place we will refund according to the days booked and any short fall will not be refunded. In the event of a global pandemic such as Covid-19 we would follow Government law and CMA guidelines for refunding of all monies received.

OUR RIGHT TO CANCEL: If for any reason beyond the Owner's control, the property is unavailable on the day when the tenancy is due to begin (e.g. due to flooding, fire damage etc.) or the property becomes unsuitable for holiday letting prior to arrival, clients will receive a full refund including any deposits. In this event we will work with you to find suitable alternative arrangements locally. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Shetland is in a remote location of the UK and sometimes experiences travel disruptions due to the varying weather conditions especially during the winter months. Should any incident or circumstance arise that prevents or disrupts travelling to Shetland it is essential that you have sufficient travel insurance for your holiday for peace of mind.

COMPLAINTS: All complaints must be referred to ourselves straight away. We are approachable and amiable so should anything go wrong with any part of your holiday or you just need help, chat to us.

LIABILITY: The owner does not accept any liability to injury or loss whilst residing at Voortrekker Shetland. The owner does not accept any liability for loss or damage of any Guest property/equipment due to their negligence. We therefore ask that all safety precautions be taken when inside and outside the property.

Should any incident or accident happen during your stay please inform us and we will be on hand to assist where we can. Emergency numbers 112 or 999.

BREACH OF CONTRACT: We reserve the right to cancel any booking without compensation, refund or reimbursement if the terms of these conditions are breached.

VALIDITY CLAUSE: If any term or provision in these Booking Conditions shall in whole or in part be held to any extent to be illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law, that term or provisions or part shall, to that extent, be deemed not to form part of this agreement and the enforceability of the remainder of this agreement shall not be affected.

We reserve the right to regularly amend our terms to keep in line with changing UK law and any tourist or travel regulations/.  

FORCE MAJEURE: The owner and the agent do not accept liability or pay compensation for any loss, damage or expense where our obligations are prevented or affected by reason of force majeure. Force Majeure means any event which we, providing the service could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid such as war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, epidemic, pandemic, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or ports, technical problems with transport, governmental action and all other similar events.

PRICE CHANGES: Voortrekker Shetland reserves the right to amend prices quoted on the Web site due to errors, omissions or annual/any increase but such changes shall be notified to the guest as soon as possible. The Guest shall be able to cancel the booking if the amended price is significantly higher than the original price quoted and all monies refunded.

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